About Us

We, Beyond TABiRs Enterprises Multi Product Pvt Ltd Company. established in 2022, are a manufacturer to produce all Cosmetics products, Perfumes range and much more. Although we are founded not so long but most of our staffs are experienced in the Formulations industry for more than 10years especially R&D researchers and technicians at production dept. We manufacturing mainly that things are have importance in life of every single person who’s waiting a miracle for themselves to be look like more attractive personality.

We always listen carefully to customers’ requests and continue to challenge the best technique of formulations with continuous research and collecting broad-based information to plan for your need which meet current needs and go ahead of the before.

TABiRs Enterprises Multi Product pvt ltd Registered® No. 0216922 from SECP and also having all copyrights reserved by IPO with Trademark™686422.

Then we provide satisfactory service to our valuable customers.

Thank you very much.

Our Mission

At TABiRs Enterprises Multi Product Pvt Ltd Company,  our mission is simple yet profound—to empower individuals and communities by revolutionizing Perfumes, Body Spray, Hair oil, Soap. We’re committed to creating products that not only meet but anticipate the ever-evolving needs of our customers. Our journey is guided by the belief that  and we strive to make a meaningful impact on 

Through relentless innovation, unwavering quality standards, and a dedication to environmental sustainability, we aim to. Together, we embark on a transformative path toward a brighter and more sustainable future, where . Join us in this exciting journey towards excellence, as we continue to make a difference one Perfumes, Body Spray, Hair oil, Soap at a time.

Our Management

At TABiRs Enterprises Multi Product Pvt Ltd Company, our commitment to excellence is driven by a dedicated and visionary leadership team. With a wealth of experience and expertise in [mention relevant industries or domains], our management is at the helm of guiding Perfume, Body spray, Hair oil, Soap towards success. Our leaders bring a diverse range of talents and perspectives, fostering a dynamic work environment that fuels innovation and creativity. We firmly believe in transparent communication, collaborative decision-making, and a customer-centric approach.

Together, our management team ensures that Perfume, Body spray, Hair oil, Soap not only meets but exceeds your expectations, setting new standards in Perfume, Body spray, Hair oil, Soap. We take pride in our leadership’s unwavering dedication to our mission and values, as they lead us towards a future